Thing From the Factory by the Field

Directed by Joel Potrykus



Joel Potrykus


Breana Malloy


Brennan Huizinga, Adam Minnick


Oscilloscope Laboratories

USA 2022 26 mins OV English

Rather than an audition, teenagers Rachel, Liz, and Clarence drag a blindfolded Maddie through the woods with the intention of initiating her into their small-time garage band. Armed with a crossbow, they decide to leave it up to the gods of metal - if the arrow misses her, she's in; if it doesn't miss, so be it. After spooking Maddie with stories of a demon that lives in a nearby factory, she retorts with a ghost story of her own. Her initiation, however, is interrupted when the arrow strikes something in the sky, conjuring up a dilemma that is only solved through a strange ceremony in the woods.