World Premiere
Cheval Noir

The Artifice Girl

Directed by Franklin Ritch

Hosted by Director and Screenwriter, Franklin Ritch, Executive Producer, Peter Kuplowksy and Actors, Sinda Nichols and Tatum Matthews.



Franklin Ritch


Franklin Ritch


David Girard, Lance Henrikson, Tatum Matthews, Sinda Nichols, Franklin Ritch


Last Resort Ideas LLC

USA 2022 95 mins OV English

"Hey, Siri. How do you know if you're doing the right thing?" A question that spearheads Franklin Ritch's sci-fi feature film directorial debut, THE ARTIFICE GIRL, into a tense spiral of moral complexity within the world of technology and crime prevention. When Special Agents Dena Helms (Sinda Nichols) and Amos McCullough (David Girard) enlist the help of vigilante tech wizard Garreth (Franklin Ritch), their lives take a sharp turn into the future of digital technologies once his unusual method of catching child predators comes to light.

The questions that are at the core of THE ARTIFICE GIRL are becoming more and more necessary as we plunge deeper into the digital age. With incredibly strong performances from Nichols, Girard, Tatum Matthews, Lance Henriksen and Ritch himself, a co-star as well as the writer, director, and editor, it’s clear that THE ARTIFICE GIRL is just the film to ask them. As comfortable as can be with the uncomfortable, Ritch navigates around the film's troubling subject matter with a script that moves as fast as a coder types and laser-focused direction, proving that he is a filmmaker to be reckoned with. Resurrecting technological promises from the past and looking toward the future, THE ARTIFICE GIRL delivers a tense and morally cryptic experience that will leave a microchip-shaped imprint on your brain for days after the credits roll! – Vincenzo Nappi