Canadian Premiere

Summer Ghost

Directed by Loundraw

Japan 2022 40 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre DramaAnimationFantasy

A trio of teenagers who’ve connected online through a shared curiosity about the paranormal meet up in person, and visit a disused airstrip. The hope to spot the elusive “summer ghost” rumoured to linger there, and any skepticism is soon put to rest. Still to be revealed, though, are poignant truths about the three young people, and what they have in common.

A meditation on mortality among those whose lives have just begun, SUMMER GHOST marks the directorial debut of loundraw, a celebrated young character designer and illustrator of light novels. With striking sensitivity and economy of storytelling, and a masterful use of rich, saturated colours, the maxi-short (or miniature feature film?) elevates an important new talent in the field of anime, from whom we can only hope for more. – Rupert Bottenberg