Directed by Primordial Dismemberment

Hosted by Directors, Thomas L. Archambault and Manolis Daris (Primordial Dismemberment).


Official selection

Currents New Media of Santa Fe 2022


Thomas L. Archambault, Manolis Daris-Becotte


Thomas L. Archambault, Manolis Daris-Becotte



Quebec 2021 32 mins OV English

An a.i. programmed to monitor an underground base on a distant and inhospitable moon awakes from a forced shutdown, only to discover that all the colony's human inhabitants have disappeared. As its disembodied gaze wanders through the empty greenhouses and searches through the crew's logs for something that could explain their sudden departure, the boundaries between nature and the artificial, mind and programming, waking and dreaming begin to blur, until a vision of our future emerges, one where we have been freed from the constraints of our biology, and where our digital ghosts haunt hallucinogenic reproductions of a lost Earth.