World Premiere
Cheval Noir Opening Film


Directed by KC Carthew

Hosted by KC Cathrew, director and writer, Viva Lee, actor, Max Fraser, producer & Alyson Richards, producer.



KC Carthew


KC Carthew


Muriel Dutil, Viva (#1) Lee, Khamisa Wilsher


David Schuurman

Sound Designer

Christian Rivest


Judith Gruber-Stitzer


Geoff Klein


Little Dipper Films

Canada 2022 89 mins OV Other
Genre FantasyAction

Sumi (Viva Lee, DEADLY CLASS) and her polar-bear mother live in a snow-laden, post-apocalyptic world. Guiding them is the north star Polaris as they travel to where it shines the brightest, but their journey is interrupted by roving bands of warrior women. Captured and separated from her mother, Sumi uses her wits and magical powers to attack and stage a bloody escape. Once free, she’s scared and ready to defend herself in the wilds of this wintery land, but finds the kindness of a solitary woman, and she’ll discover an otherworldly companion in the Frozen Girl (Khamisa Wilsher, THE HOLLOW, CHARMED) who changes her destiny. The small but fierce Sumi will learn about trust and friendship as she makes her way to the north star.

K.C. Carthew’s POLARIS goes full-throttle with action and intensely visceral fights in the heart of the Yukon. Enlisting a real polar bear, a diverse all-female-identifying cast, and incredible stunts, this bloody and unrelenting sci-fi eco-adventure is like nothing you’ve ever seen in Canadian cinema. Carthew uses gorgeous cinematography and non-verbal communication to speculate what survival would be like in this world without technology or men, pushing the envelope with genre. While still a child actor, Korean-Canadian Lee is a veritable action star performing intense combat set pieces. With nods to George Miller’s MAD MAX series fused with fantasy and magic, this is a unique cinematic experience you won’t forget. – Carolyn Mauricette