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Manette ou les dieux de carton

Directed by Camil Adam



Camil Adam


Camil Adam


Camil Adam


Mariette Lévesque, Léo Ilial, Jean Roger, Yvan Canuel, René Angélil


Éléphant, mémoire du cinéma

Quebec 1965 86 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre Drama

World Premiere of the New Restoration

"This work is built around Manette (Mariette Lévêque), a neurotic young girl who refuses to live with her parents, goes to psychiatric hospitals, fantasizes about nature, aspires to a new sexual freedom, takes courses at the Beaux-Arts, takes part in independence demonstrations, lives with a man without being married, undergoing a clandestine abortion, encountering masochism, threesomes and lesbianism, admiring the poet Claude Gauvreau, reading her poems in little clubs where artists gather, passing for a time through prostitution without ever ceasing to be fascinated by yoga and oriental mysticism, tackles many of the ideas in vogue in the 1960s. Both a temptress and a victim of men, Manette appears as a sadistic heroine at the heart of the Quiet Revolution.” - Fabrice Montal, La Cinémathèque québécoise, 2010

Long before VALÉRIE, MANETTE OU LES DIEUX DE CARTON (also known as MANETTE LA FOLLE ET LES DIEUX DE CARTON) is the portrait of a young modern woman, a prisoner of her body and driven by an unceasing quest for freedom. Filmed in 1965 and shown briefly at the Élysée cinema in 1968, the film had only one public screening in 2010 at the Fantasia festival. Here at last is your chance to discover in a restored version this singular work combining New Wave cinema, experimental film, and dreamlike, filmic poetry. One of the first independent films in the history of Quebec cinema, it stars Mariette Lévesque, René Angélil, Pierre Labelle, Jean Baulne, the poet Claude Gauvreau, the singer Jen Roger, Léo Ilial and Yvan Canuel. - Translation: Rupert Bottenberg