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Aspirational Slut

Caroline Lindy

A heartbroken woman, on advice from a pizza delivery guy, decides to become a slut.

USA 15 mins

Bad Acid

Sam Fox

Sheila is a self-obsessed aerobics fanatic who accidentally ingests some toxic hair gel while doing her usual morning workout.

USA 7 mins

Beauty and the Beast

Mathieu Morel

Tonight’s program has been composed by and for grown-ups who are children at heart. Eternal story, the tale of Belle-Rose.

France 13 mins

The Blood of the Dinosaurs

Joseph Badon

Uncle Bobbo teaches children where oil comes from.

USA 18 mins

The Boob Fairy

Léahn Vivier-Chapas

Who will best play her part: the dancing lioness or the little girl we attempt to tame? Only the Boob Fairy will know who is really worthy of her attention.

France 14 mins


María Silvia Esteve

In the depths of her mind, pain takes the form of a creature. A love relationship unleashes the obscurity within, to evoke in the real world, a world of shadows.

Argentina, Switzerland 15 mins


Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

The morning aft

Switzerland 5 mins

The Demons of Dorothy

Alexis Langlois

Dorothy's a film director who's producer is pressuring her to make mainstream films. To cheer herself up, Dorothy seeks comfort in her favourite TV show Romy the Vampire Slayer.

France 29 mins

Ele of the Dark

Yace Sula

A nonbinary visual artist contemplates their relationship with darkness and its hold on their complexion, trauma and queerness.

USA 13 mins

Exalted Mars


A man sleeps, enveloped in the darkness – he is beautiful, he is naked, it is hot.

France 18 mins

The Face Snatcher

Adam Wilder, Nicole Daddona

A rejected beauty queen does whatever they can to win the Miss Christmas, Florida pageant.

USA 3 mins


Fredrik S. Hana

A kaleidoscopic vision portraying mankind’s first meeting with alien life, told through faux archival footage combined with practical FX, miniatures and old school in-camera trickery.

Norway 14 mins

Halves Through Night

Lina Laraki

Barzakh is a Persian term to name a transitional space between the living and the dead. It designates the distance or time that both separates and comes between these two worlds.

France 11 mins


Yann Gonzalez

Popstar Oliver Sim is the main guest of a talk-show that soon slides into a surreal journey of love, shame and blood. A three-part musical short.

United Kingdom 22 mins

The House of Brick and Stone

Ananth Subramaniam

In 2015, in the aftermath of the world's greatest financial sham, a Malaysian child found solace and guidance from an unlikely figurehead.

Malaysia 16 mins

Immaculate Virtual

Ryley O'Byrne

A film essay contemplating the nature of reality, the body, and intimacy in the complicated space where technology and humanity blend.

Canada 9 mins

In The Flesh

Daphne Gardner

Tracey is addicted to jerking off with her bathtub faucet...

USA 13 mins

Ivory Wave

James Florian Quinn, Vincent Albarano

A man does bath salts a

USA, Austria 14 mins


Catharina Schürenberg

MARA explores the female body as breeding ground for artistic expression and liberation for the female psyche.

USA, Germany 14 mins

Pretty Pickle

Jim Vendiola

As he spends more time with his new girlfriend, a young man begins to privately dwell upon one of her quirks, leading him to a troubling discovery.

USA 13 mins

Semen Retention For A Better Tomorrow

Alexandra Neuman

How can we restore the wetness of our drought-stricken landscapes and so many famished vaginas?

USA 6 mins

SOS Extase


Ultimate pleasures and indigo fluids: these are the experiences of SOS EXTASE, a trip organised by a mysterious travel agency.

France 18 mins

Sweet Mary, Where Did You Go?

Michael Anthony Kratochvil

An escaped convict lost in 1803 Australia encounters two immortal time travellers from our evolved future, on a rites of passage journey to vicariously understand mortality.

Australia 17 mins

Tank Fairy

Erich Rettstadt

The magical Tank Fairy upends the life of Jojo, a lonely ten-year-old who dreams of dancing and drag.

USA, Taiwan 10 mins