Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency),KIAFA (Korean Independant Animation Filmmaker Association),Korean Cultural Centre in Canada

My First Fantasia

Korean Fun at My First Fantasia

86 mins 12 films South Korea
Mon July 18, 2022
1:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)

Mon July 18, 2022
3:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)

Program presented by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism | Republic of Korea, ?KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency), KIAFA (Korean Independant Animation Filmmaker Association) and Korean Cultural Centre in Canada

Admission to this programme is free

For years, the My First Fantasia section has been sharing and screening films from South Korea. This year, a complete programme is on offer, a free round trip into the Korean imagination, through their distinctive and engaging animation. This programme is sponsored by AniSEED, a distribution company dedicated to independent animation films, run by the Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association (KIAFA). AniSEED was launched in 2010 with the aim of establishing a model for the management, distribution, and archiving of animated films. Today, it is the leading distributor of Korean independent animated films. Come and discover the humour and poetry of Korean animation. The films in this programme contain no dialogue. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg

Be Big

Jeon Da-young, Kim Min-gyung, Han Seo-a

The story of a tiny monster named Geomdaeng, struggling to be checked in for school attendance.

South Korea 4 mins


Park Sae-mi

Every night, shooting stars and meteorites fall and fireworks burst. What is happening in the sky?

South Korea 5 mins

Stars on the Sea

Jang Seung-wook

It is just another ordinary day. The house is filling up with water.

South Korea 6 mins

Fiddlehead Rain

Yoo Ye-jin, Lim Hyeon-ji, Kang Jeon-Yun

Lily teaches Po about the world above, and they promise to go up together.

South Korea 8 mins


Lee Bo-reum

Lonely baby owl On approaches friends with greetings, but they all avoid him because of his constant sneezing.

South Korea 4 mins

Riri N Berry

Kook Soo-bin, Shin Jong-hee, Shin So-hyun, Lee Ha-neul

A story about heroes Berry and Riri, who save the town from a giant baby.

South Korea 5 mins

My Child

KIm Hyunjoo

Though Mother does her best to bring her child up, her child who never grows up enough to survive will be left alone.

South Korea 11 mins

Twinkle the Toothfairy

Han Seoa

A tooth fairy who has long forgotten its childhood innocence meets Tutu, a reckless and wild intern.

South Korea 6 mins

The Dream Eater

Jo Min-jeong

The story of a little girl having nightmares and a monster only eats happy dreams.

South Korea 11 mins


Han Yerin, Dang Heejin

A girl wakes up alone in an unfamiliar world. The girl chases after a balloon to catch her last memory.

South Korea 3 mins

Alien Farmer

Lee Yong-wook

A round-shaped alien makes an emergency landing in the yard of an Earthling farmer.

South Korea 10 mins

You Can Fly!

Park Sungbae

The story of Ellie the Eagle, who becomes a father and raises a baby penguin.

South Korea 12 mins


Mon July 18, 2022
1:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)

Mon July 18, 2022
3:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)