Cavalcade of Perversions

Cavalcade of Perversions: A Lewdly Religious Glare

124 mins 10 films Canada, Norway, France, Austria, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland, USA
Tue July 19, 2022
4:00 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

This is the show you want ! [...] Cavalcade of Perversions, the sleaziest show on earth !" From
those words by our pervy-mentor John Waters in his iconic MULTIPLE MANIACS, here comes a
freak show of international shorts !

In this part of our demented spectacle, you are entering unholy grounds ! Through space and
time, otherworlds’ divinities, transcendental experimentations have been hand picked for you in A

From immortal time travellers in Michael Kratochvil’s SWEET MARY, WHERE DID YOU
GO?, to an experimental desktop film full of metaphysical questions with Ryley O'Byrne’s
IMMACULATE VIRTUAL, and all the way down to the flora-hell of Benjamin Roberds’ YOUR
HOUSEPLANTS ARE SCREAMING, dip your feet into the glory of madness ! You’ll be navigating in
between the world of the living and the dead within Lina Laraki’s mysterious HALVES THROUGH
NIGHT and Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola’s DANZAMATTA ! You’ll be happily indoctrinated into culty
beliefs with docu-fiction Ananth Subramaniam’s THE HOUSE OF BRICK AND STONE and the
alien-sect of Alex Fofonoff’s WHILE MORTALS SLEEP ! Want more batshit crazy stuff? Try a bit of
35mm James Quinn & Vincent Albarano’s IVORY WAVE, or a few bites of the most insane children
TV show in Joe Badon’s THE BLOOD OF THE DINOSAURS ! And don’t forget to drop by at Fredrik
S. Hana’s FROM.BEYOND blessed-kaleidoscope of extra-terrorestrial worship.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs

Joseph Badon

Uncle Bobbo teaches children where oil comes from.

USA 18 mins

Immaculate Virtual

Ryley O'Byrne

A film essay contemplating the nature of reality, the body, and intimacy in the complicated space where technology and humanity blend.

Canada 9 mins


Fredrik S. Hana

A kaleidoscopic vision portraying mankind’s first meeting with alien life, told through faux archival footage combined with practical FX, miniatures and old school in-camera trickery.

Norway 14 mins

Halves Through Night

Lina Laraki

Barzakh is a Persian term to name a transitional space between the living and the dead. It designates the distance or time that both separates and comes between these two worlds.

France 11 mins

Ivory Wave

James Florian Quinn, Vincent Albarano

A man does bath salts a

USA, Austria 14 mins

Your Houseplants Are Screaming

Benjamin Roberds

Human houseplants are held captive by a giant plant creature.

USA 7 mins

Sweet Mary, Where Did You Go?

Michael Anthony Kratochvil

An escaped convict lost in 1803 Australia encounters two immortal time travellers from our evolved future, on a rites of passage journey to vicariously understand mortality.

Australia 17 mins

The House of Brick and Stone

Ananth Subramaniam

In 2015, in the aftermath of the world's greatest financial sham, a Malaysian child found solace and guidance from an unlikely figurehead.

Malaysia 16 mins


Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

The morning aft

Switzerland 5 mins

While Mortals Sleep

Alex Fofonoff

When a cold case novelist’s career implodes, she seeks refuge in her friend’s remote vacation home. Upon arrival, she encounters a strange couple who claim to be the caretakers.

USA 14 mins


Tue July 19, 2022
4:00 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève