Stop F*%#king up the Planet: Concrete Steps the Film Industry Can Take To Reduce Our Carbon and Waste Footprint

Wednesday, July 20 - 6pm (EDT)

We are in a climate and ecological emergency. The United Nations’ IPCC Report tells us we have less than three years to begin decarbonizing our societies to avoid catastrophic climate change. The film industry, which up to now has been vastly wasteful and polluting, must do its part to rapidly and drastically reduce its fossil-fuel consumption and waste.

Invited guests at this special panel presentation will inform us on how best to change industry practices, from the macro to the micro level, using practical and achievable solutions. Speakers will include Dr. Heather Short, PhD Earth Sciences and Climate Science Educator; a representative of Rolling Green (“On tourne vert”), a program which facilitates the adoption of eco-friendly measures for audiovisual productions in Québec; Adrian Knight, Location Manager and member of the Directors’ Guild of Canada’s National Sustainable Climate Action Committee; Elza Kephart (SLAXX), filmmaker and climate activist. Other guests to be announced shortly.