Artist Talk: Kier-La Janisse

Friday, July 22 - 5:30pm (EDT)

Long before her essential House of Psychotic Women was published by FAB Press in 2012, Kier-la Janisse's work as a writer, film festival programmer and proprietor of Montreal's much-beloved Blue Sunshine microcinema made her a highly respected figure in North America's genre-film community. Since then, she has made her mark on publishing with her imprint, Spectacular Optical, and documentaries with 2021's highly acclaimed WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED: A HISTORY OF FOLK HORROR. Now, on the occasion of her Canadian Trailblazer Award and the new 10th anniversary edition of HOUSE, Janisse discusses being an uncompromising disruptor, the ongoing influence of HOUSE with a new generation of writers, filmmakers, and genre-film lovers, and her new chapter as a filmmaker.