Artist Talk: John Woo

July 16 – 3PM (EDT)

Without John Woo, there would be no Fantasia. Woo's Hong Kong classics graced many of Fantasia's early editions and has influenced numerous films at every edition since; his distinct mix of hypnotic action and heroic bloodshed are ingrained into the very fabric of this festival. His name defines action cinema in the way Hitchock defined suspense and Chaplin defined comedy, and in this Masterclass, he discusses his distinct style of filmmaking, his journeys from Hong Kong to Hollywood that brought Asian cinema into the mainstream with Western audiences, and the influences that shaped him into a master of cinematic action. Please join us for the rare opportunity to hear from one of Fantasia’s most important filmmakers and long-overdue recipient of the 2022 Fantasia Career Achievement Award, live and in-person.